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Name:Eden McCain
Name: Eden McCain
Fandom: Heroes (pre-canon)
Age: 21
Appearance: Small and slim with almost pixie-like features. She speaks quietly, often seeming quite shy at first. Her hair is shoulder length and brunette, and her eyes are a deep brown.
Powers: Persuasion. If she wants someone to do something and commands it, they cannot resist. NB. This will ONLY be used with OOC permission.

DISCLAIMER: This journal has been created for the purpose of roleplaying at [profile] aftertomorrow and its affiliates. I am neither Eden McCain, nor am I Nora Zehetner. There is no money being made from this journal and it is for the purpose of roleplaying and writing.

Interests (7):

being persuasive, claire, commanding people, fast cars, genetics, paper, powers
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